Draught Proofing doors and windows

It is easy to check for areas that need draught proofing, as wherever you feel cold air coming in, warm air will be going out.

These gaps can account for as much as 20% of heat loss in the home through windows, doors and floors.

The solution is simple: fit effective draught proofing material. Not only will you save money on your fuel bill; you’ll also experience less draughts. The work can be done by an insulation professional or you can do it yourself.

Remember that a house needs to breathe, especially in the kitchen and the bathroom, so don’t go mad with the draught proofing. Without adequate ventilation your house will become stale and stuffy.

Poor ventilation may also cause excessive amounts of condensation that will create damp areas leading to mould growth. This causes major problems to people who suffer from asthma and other breathing related medical conditions. If you do have a problem with condensation, fitting an extractor fan will help.

If you have solid fuel fires, gas fires or a boiler with an open flue, then it is essential to have good ventilation.